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NFT® Magnesium & Zinc Anodes

NFT supplies pure zinc and magnesium anodes for cathodic protection. Applications include the cathodic protection of pipelines and tanks (including hot water tanks) and for AC mitigation. These anodes come with or without a steel core and may be continuous length on reels or in lengths.

Magnesium Ribbon Anodes (Steel Core Ribbon Anodes)

  • Low Potential
  • Standard Sizes: 3/4" x 3/8" (Larger sizes may be available upon request)
  • Standard Package: Open Coil (18" ID x 32" OD x 1000 foot length)

Magnesium Rod

  • Round Magnesium Rod
  • Low Potential

Zinc Ribbon Anodes (Steel Core Ribbon anodes)

Available in four sizes.
Standard Package: As a coil or on wooden reel depending upon ribbon size.

Zinc Rod - No Core

Round and rectangular zinc rod is available in a variety of chemistries, suitable for cathodic protection, machining, and other applications.


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