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NFT® Aluminum Metallizing Wire

NFT supplies pure aluminum and aluminum alloy wires for vacuum metallizing, as well as both flame and arc thermal spray.

Vacuum Metallizing

Vacuum metallizing deposits a coating onto an object or film in a special low pressure process. Thin coatings may be applied to polymer films and paper. Applications include coatings for decoration, corrosion control and for packaging materials.

NFT aluminum wires are manufactured specifically for use in vacuum metallizing.

  • It is chemically and ultrasonically cleaned for vacuum metallizing.
  • The wire is supplied precision level wound for kink-free feeding.
  • It is free of butt or weld joints.
  • The wire has a smooth, bright surface finish.

Combined, these qualities result in excellent wire feed, good boat life, and reduced spatter.  Clean wire helps to keep the vacuum chamber clean.

NFT Advantages

NFT aluminum wire is in inventory, ready for immediate shipment.

  • NFT aluminum wire is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials.  Input metal purity assures the required analysis for both vacuum metallizing and thermal spraying.
  • The wire’s smooth surface ensures trouble free operation.
  • NFT aluminum wire is precision level wound on spools.
  • NFT aluminum wire is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard.

Aluminum Wire Alloys

Alloy   Alloy  
1080 (99.8 Al) 1350 (99.5 Al)
1100 (99.0 min) 4043     Aluminum Silicon
(Al + 4.5-5.5 Si)
1188 (99.9 Al) 4047     Aluminum Silicon
(Al + 11.0-13.0 Si)
1199 (99.99 Al) 5356     Aluminum Magnesium
(Al + 4.5-5.5 Mg)


Physical Properties
Wire Tempers
“O” Temper (annealed) to “H18” (hard)
Typical Tensile Strength
19,580 - 27,560 psi (135 - 190MPa)


Inch 0.047” diameter through 3/16” (0.1875") diameter
Millimeter 1.2 mm through 4.76 mm


On request

Other diameters and a range of drum and spool sizes are available on request.

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Spool Dimensions and Weights

  0/D (in) Arbor (in)
Width (in) Net Wire Wt. (lb)
M150W 5.91 0.73 3.90 5.0
M200-20 7.87 2.01 2.17 4.5
M250-52 9.84 0.71 3.15 11.5
M254-75 10.0 2.05 4.02 16.5
M265-65 10.43 1.54 2.83 14.0
M280-65 11.02 0.71 3.15 14.0
M300-65 11.81 2.05 4.06 14.0
M300-80 11.81 2.05 4.06 17.5
M305-65 12.01 1.50 3.27 14.0
M305-85 12.01 1.50 3.27 18.5
M320-80 12.60 2.01 2.76 17.5
M320-100 12.60 2.01 3.15 22.0


Spools are supplied in individual plastic bags and cardboard cartons.  For large orders the most economical package is the spools in individual plastic bags, packed in a bulk pallet case.

Coils of up to 70 lb and high capacity reels of up to 220 lb are also available.

Flame & Arc Spray

NFT® supplies pure aluminum wire (99.5% Al) for flame and arc spraying.

A slight residual amount of lubrication is present on the thermal spray wire to allow the best possible feed when spraying.

The wire is precision level wound on plastic spools that fit the widely available spray machines.  Coils and large capacity reels are also available.

Flame & Arc Spray Applications

NFT aluminum wire is suitable for protective coating of steel structures in marine and industrial environments, and for applications at elevated temperatures.  These applications include:

  • Bridges
  • Tanks
  • Bulkheads and Piers
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Compressor Mufflers